OblivionTom Cruise and company give us one heck of a sci-fi/action flick in Oblivion (2013).

Cruise plays Jack Harper, Tech 49, who is part of the “mop-up crew” left behind to maintain the massive machines designed to provide water to the Tet, a sort of stopping point that the survivors of cataclysmic battle with alien invaders that left the planet Earth laid to waste from which they travel to a moon of Saturn to start live over.

(Man, that was a long sentence…!)

It’ll be a short review, though, as talking about this film in any detail would lead to nuthin’ but spoilers (and I really hate reviews that do that).

What I can say without ruining anything for you is that there’s a lot going on here – and that Joseph Kosinski, who wrote and directed the film, has one heck of an imagination!  Just when I thought I had thing figured out, I found out I was wrong.

Yet the twisty-turny plot unfolds naturally, without any nasty contrivance to short-cut its way from event to event.  This is huge for me.  If the writer is either too lazy or too unimaginative to keep things feeling natural, then it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll be pulled out of the story.  (I said almost – see my review of A Good Day to Die Hard to see me contradict myself.)

The acting let me believe all the characters (and they were characters, not caricatures).  And we also get to see Morgan Freeman, who’s presence almost always seems to add at least one “star” to a film’s rating.  (Again, I say almost – see my review of Olympus Has Fallen to see me contradict myself again).

Oblivion is not deep or through-provoking, as really great sci-fi is, but it’s incredibly imaginative and a thoroughly enjoyable night at the movies.  Go see it!

2 thoughts on “Oblivion

  1. I didn’t care too much for this one, I’m afraid. Far too long. AT 125 minutes, I felt every second of it. It would have made a great 30-minute “Twilight Zone” episode. It started out really good, and I was with it for the first 40 minutes or so, but then repetition set in. I like Morgan Freeman too, but he’s merely coasting here and didn’t do anything that a dozen other non-name actors could have done for a fraction of the money. I found it all very humdrum. The generic, industrial-style score didn’t help matters either. It really cheapened the whole enterprise. “Ordinary” would be a better title than “Oblivion.”

    But this weekend, I also did see “The Croods” and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thanks for that recommendation.

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