White House Down

WhiteHouseDownNot too long ago, I did a review of Olympus Has Fallen (2013).  I didn’t like it.  However, compared to White House Down (2013), that other attack-on-the-White-House movie felt like Citizen Kane (1941).

I can handle dumb (I watch pro wrestling for cryin’ out loud!), but man alive this film takes dumb to an illogical extreme.

Even the very talented Jamie Foxx (doing a quasi-Obama styled president) couldn’t raise this movie out of the muck.

We went out to see this film on the Fourth of July, and I had at least some decent expectations for it when I learned that it was from the same director as Independence Day (1996), which I though was fun.

No such luck.

At least I got to eat some outstanding bar-b-que chicken and watch some spectacular fireworks afterwards.

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