GravityI’d heard good things about Gravity (2013).

I’d heard wrong…

There’s a common thread tying together  the movies I’ve seen lately:  None of ’em have characters I care about.  And thus far, Gravity is the worst offender of the bunch.

Sandra Bullock plays Ryan, a specialist on board a space mission.  Without revealing her back-story, I can tell you that Ryan is pathetic.  She clearly doesn’t have enough survival instincts to make it across the street – let alone survive a disaster in space.  In fact, she was such an utter putz, after a while I was kinda hoping she’d just kick the bucket and be done with it.

But it gets worse…

Sandra Bullock’s portrayal was just plain bad.  There were a few scenes in which I thought the film was meant to be a spoof.  Ryan’s actions were so ridiculous that at times I had the feeling I was watching an outer space version of I Love Lucy.

As usual, George Clooney did a great job of playing himself  (or, at least his smarmy shtick “self”) as Matt, the pilot for the mission.  Funny thing, though, is that despite his portrayal’s lack of depth, compared to Ryan I was actually rooting for him.

In all fairness, I thought the special effects were astonishing.  The world of outer space seemed spot-on real.  And had the characters been less idiotic, this could have been a decent movie.

Unfortunately, if the main character in a disaster movie exhibits nothing to bring us on board with what’s happening, that character’s otherwise desperate situation can lose all sense of … gravity.

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