Out of the Furnace

OutOfTheFurnaceAnother good end-of-the-year-so-it’s-more-likely-to-get-an-Oscar movie is Out of the Furnace (2013).

If we think of a “tragedy” as a story about a good person who is undone by a fatal flaw, then this movie is definitely a tragedy.

We see the characters – and are given ample time to get to know them – and we get a sense that bad things are inevitable.

And that’s such a shame…

I liked these characters.  Underneath their flaws they were good, decent people, who deserved better than the lives they gave themselves.

This movie was tense.

There was a pervading atmosphere that was a little suffocating.  Being actually able to feel this while sitting in the comfort and safety of my movie theater chair was impressive.

I won’t go any further into what happens (although I’ll say that the coming attractions don’t do the movie justice).

While it’s definitely not a happy, uplifting Christmastime movie, I can still strongly recommend it (with one reservation explained in the “Spoiler” section).  Go see it!


The one thing I didn’t like about this film is the end, because it took away its own power.  Recall that truly amazing moment when Christian Bale’s character, contemplating his actions, lets out a sigh.  For me, that was when he found peace.  It was a very powerful moment inasmuch as we, the audience, were also able to release the tragedy of the lives we witnessed.  What hurt that moment, for me, was the shot afterwards, in which we see this character sitting at table in his home (presumably indicating he didn’t go to jail).  I felt this was unimportant; since he accepted his actions and was at peace with them, we didn’t need to know any more.  A minor complaint, to be sure; however, I hate seeing perfect moments such as the one I saw in this film get diminished.

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