The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

ghost_and_mrs_muirI think I may be in one of those moods…

Earlier in the week, I re-watched About Time, perhaps my favorite film of 2013.  It’s one of those movies that just make you glad to be alive.

Another such movie is one that I’ve seen many times (including tonight) and I always feel the better for having done so (actually, I always feel great for having done so).  That movie is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947).

Ah, what a film!

To start, we have Gene Tierney as Lucy Muir.  Hers is a beauty that is transcendent, almost otherworldly.  And this quality gets infused in every character I’ve seen her portray.  A haunted, haunting quality that makes both her and her roles so utterly compelling – almost to the point of distraction.

Of course, in this film her character is quite literally haunted – by none other than Rex Harrison as Captain Gregg, the ghostly former owner of the home she’s rented.  Apparently, he doesn’t like the idea of their being tenants in “his” home, so he does his level best to frighten them off.

But Lucy … Lucia … is different.

The interplay between Captain Gregg and Lucy is mesmerizing.  It speaks eloquently, magically, to something that goes beyond time and space.  It has a beautiful, if somewhat aching, melancholy to it that clings to me.  It’s not a sad film by any means; however, I find that there’s just … something … about it.  I guess one could say the film somehow has always managed to haunt me.

A rare quality, indeed.

(By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that every aspect of this film is enhanced – greatly – by the perfect score from Bernard Herrmann.)

I’ve seen a number of films with spirits and hauntings (The Innocents comes to mind) that have sent chills running up and down my spine.  This one, bless its heart (and soul), always gives me goose-bumps of an entirely different variety.

And if I am, as I stated at the beginning of this post, in one of those moods … then I hope that mood stays with me for a while!  See this film – it’s as good as it gets!



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