The Miracle of the Bells

MiracleOfTheBellsA Christmas movie that isn’t about Christmas.

That’s a good way to sum up The Miracle of the Bells (1948).

Actually, it might be better to say that it’s a great Christmas movie that isn’t even remotely about Christmas.

Perhaps a word of explanation is in order…

There have been many Christmas movies that aren’t really about Christmas (aka the celebration of the birth of Jesus.)  Certainly, some take place – at some point – at Christmas (It’s a Wonderful Life being one of the best examples; however, Christmas doesn’t enter into that movie until it’s nearly over.)

And, for the record, one of the sweetest scenes in The Miracle of the Bells takes place on Christmas Eve in a Chinese restaurant.

Still, what runs both wide and deep in this film is love.

Not romantic love, mind you (although that does make an appearance as well).  Rather, this film centers around a different type of love.  One that strives only to benefit others, even at great personal sacrifice.  We’re also treated to the type of love that shows understanding when scorn or resentment might be so much easier…

Now, might not sentiments such as these find themselves comfortably wrapped in a bow and placed, ever so tenderly, underneath the Christmas tree?

I think so.

# # #

Frankly, until I saw it listed as part of The Tivoli Theater’s annual Christmas movie celebration, I’d never even heard of this wonderful little film.  Man, am I ever glad they decided to show this not-really-a-Christmas movie at Christmastime!